Video promotion – kindle books

Hi everyone

It has been a quiet couple of months on this blog while I have been frantically busy building my Amazon Kindle business.  I now have more than 30 non-fiction titles published under my own name (Lisa Oliver) and another six fiction titles under my pen name (Freya Rochelle).  But of course selling a book involves a lot more than just writing it and putting it up on Kindle.  To really see a boost in sales you need to consider some form of off-Amazon promotional work.  My newest efforts in this has been with video promotion.

The videos themselves are easy to make.  I currently use but I have been equally happy with the stand-by Powerpoint presentation and Camstasia video software.  I currently have three of my books with videos made for them – Dealing with ADHD in Adults, The Beginners Guide to Brewing Beer at Home and Demonic Muse (my first fiction book).  You can check out the videos below and don't forget to let me know what you think :)

In my next post I will let you in on a great little system for promoting the videos, which in turn promote the books.

Catch you soon


Dealing with ADHD in Adults

The Beginners Guide to Brewing Beer at Home

Demonic Muse