The Smart Flip Business – Not what I expected

Okay as I said yesterday I am reviewing three WSO products over the next few weeks – Squido Niche Blaster; Professional Kindle Marketing and Smart Flip Business.  I am going to do today's review on the Smart Flip Business because I won't be working with this one after this review.

The sub title of the Smart Flip Business claims that the book includes a case study of a Flippa Seller who has made $156, 945 in revenue in the past 12 months. The claim is true and the author provides the screenshots to prove it along with links to the Flippa site where you can see these same shots yourself.

When I buy any Make Money product, especially on the Warrior Forum, I always read all of the comments left by other buyers and reviewers.  When I bought the Smart Flip Business there were three pages of comments left by other buyers and reviewers and only one of those comments was negative.  The negative comment claimed

"I'm afraid I was disappointed by the content of this WSO. I found it low on real information; pages 4 – 8 are the sales copy from this WSO (that gives you an idea of the print size), the rest of the 44 pages are very large print with a lot of white space and screen shots.

Having gone through the report and done my own calculations, I think it's unlikely the seller in question is making very much profit on the front end, based on the cost of the plugins/scripts he's using. In post #30 above, the auction you show in the first example  has a top bid of $11, the $280 you've highlighted is the BIN price! In another recent  auction, I calculated his profit as $12.25 and the site sold for $175.

You identified the types of sites he's building, but not how he's doing it (apart from 2 types, where you name the plugins that show in the source code) so I couldn't really agree that this is a "complete road map".

Now, if you'd found out what script he's using for the type of sites he's sold 52 of, I would have happily paid for that information!"

And the Warrior was right.  This WSO was the closest example of the classic scam where somebody claims to have made a lot of money and for $10 will show you his system.  What you get for your ten dollars is a piece of paper that says "Do what I did".  I was doubly disappointed because some reputable Warriors were claiming how great this WSO was – that it was basically a recipe for success and all anybody had to do was follow it.  It is a little hard to follow a recipe if most of the crucial information was missing.  On the positive side there were three good tips I got out of the 44 page book – one about domain naming, one about plugins and one about the types of sites that sold well – but if I had done any research of top sellers on Flippa I would have found that same information myself.  I was looking for a working system that I could either use myself or pass on to outsourcers – this wasn't it.

The upsell from this WSO was a subscription to the author's WSO reviews.  I paid for the year as it was only $11.99 and I have had two emails from that since I signed up about four hours ago.  The reviews were very sparse on details and were basically links to WSO's that were listed in the last 24 hours.  However it was from the two reviews that I did get that I found the Squidoo Niche Blaster, which I will be writing about tomorrow.

My final words on the Smart Flip Business is that it is a really useful book if you want some idea on how to research website niches that have a proven sales record on the Flippa site.  I also received as a bonus a video on how to transfer web files when you do sell your websites which I haven't watched yet. The Smart Flip Business cost me $9.99 (USD) and I won't be asking for a refund.  But if I decide I want to add site flipping to my residual income efforts I will probably find a more detailed WSO to follow.

Time to make some serious residual money this year

For the past month I have been ramping up the number of titles I have on Amazon Kindle and trying out the CreateSpace POD process that is also run by  I currently have 16 titles on the Kindle market and I am going through the Createspace process with one of those titles – Breaking the Flirt Code.  If you click either of the links in this paragraph they will take you to my Amazon author page which lists all of my current book titles.

Making money via Kindle is slow work, but it is a residual income.  Once they have been formatted correctly and uploaded they can be available for sale through within 2 days.  It is a sort of set and forget type process, but to make serious money with Kindle you need to promote your books as well.   So because I am really serious about getting some success with Kindle, and making a residual income this year instead of a per hour one I have invested in three WSO's in the past month.  For those of you who are not familiar with the term WSO it stands for Warrior Forum Special Offer and you can find those at the Warrior  Now you don't have to be a member of the WF to buy the WSO's; you only have to sign up if you want to post or reply to threads.

The three products I have bought are the "Professional Kindle Marketing"; the "Squidoo Niche Blaster" and the "Smart Flip Business".  I plan on reviewing all three of these WSO's over the coming weeks and will post my progress, or lack of it here in regular blog posts.  Incidentally I will not be posting affiliate links for these or any other product I review; that is not a way I want to be making money.  At this point I am not recommending that you buy any or all of them because while there are some really good WSO's that come along occasionally, like anything else on the web, you need to do your homework. I do recommend you check back here often or subscribe to my RSS feed so you can see how I am getting on with these programs.

In the meantime if you are looking to make money from any means possible on the internet then get in touch with me via the contact page; let me know the type of thing you want to do and I will help you in any way I can. Alternatively leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

Don’t rely on PLR to make you money on Kindle

As many of you know I have been writing books for the Amazon Kindle market now for almost a year and I have had some success.  I currently have 14 titles in my name on Kindle and although sales are slow they are coming.  I see this is a residual income type of process so I am not concerned that I am not making a lot of money with it yet – every book I put up there can be there for sale for years to come – I consider it my retirement fund :)

But the other day hubby decided he wanted to try to do something online to make money as employment prospects here in Dargaville are not very good.  So he watched a video course that explained to him that all he needed to do to make money with Kindle was to get some PLR books, slap a new cover on them, change the title, add his name as the author and then upload it to Amazon for sale.  For those of you who don't know about PLR this stands for Private Label Rights and basically it is content that any one can take and use as their own.  So what hubby was doing was not illegal – but it doesn't work.  Amazon politely sent him an email after he had uploaded three books and told him that they were now checking new publications against PLR resources and banning books even if they had a new cover and title – they are checking the content.  What is annoying about it is that there are new courses coming out all of the time that still say it is okay to use PLR content to create kindle books – IT ISN"T!! so please don't waste your time doing it.

PLR has its uses.  I often use it as content for some of my niche blogs.  You can use PLR as a source document – rewrite it in your own words and sell that book on Kindle.  You can use PLR articles to promote your own products and even books on Kindle, but please if you value your integrity do not buy into the idea that Kindle books can be run up easily and quickly and will make you  money – that is not going to happen and you will just have wasted your time and your money (on the course) trying to put something in place that Amazon has put a stop to.

If you want to learn how to write a book for Kindle then drop me an email and I will enrol you on my course The Kiwi Kindle Guide.  The course runs you through how to find good topics to write about; how to write your book in an easy formula type fashion, how to upload the book to Kindle and then a section on how to promote your book once it is published and available for sale.  The course costs just $20 per week and you can stop doing it at any time by just stopping the payments. 

I run this course personally so each week you receive information, and an assignment that counts towards you actually writing the book.  I mark all weekly assignments personally and will give you feed back on every one – plus I am available to answer any of your questions during the course via email, Skype or telephone – it is more of a mentoring exercise than a course as such but the beauty is that when you feel you have learned enough then you can stop the course with no more fixed payments of any kind.  I will be putting a page up on the site about  this course sometime this week, but if you want to get ahead of the game then email me at and I will send you the details.

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