About Me

I have been online for more than ten years but for most of that time I was working as a ghostwriter – creating ebooks so that internet and niche marketers could make money from my products, lol. Now I am on a mission to create some residual income for myself and hope to take some of you along for the ride.

I am the world's most ordinary person.  I have gone through lifes ups and downs like most of us.  I have grown children and now a couple of grandchildren that I totally dote over.  I drive an ordinary car and live with my husband in a lovely little two room cottage 100 yards from on of Northland's (NZ) loveliest west coast beaches.  It is remote, windswept and totally interesting.

My grandson, on our awesome beach :)


I want for you to have the same sort of lifestyle i enjoy.  It is not about the money, so much as the freedom.  I can play with my grandchildren when I want to, and I love that. But my working as a freelancer would be the same as working in a regular job – if I don't write, I don't get paid.  So now I am after the residual income that will not only allow me to have the freedom to play and pursue my art, but also that will allow my husband to stop working at his job and spend his days in his shed or on the beach, fishing.

It might not sound like an amazing life, but for us it is just perfect.  So do you want to tag along and see if we can make your dreams come true too?

Great to have you along

Lisa :)