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It has been a quiet couple of months on this blog while I have been frantically busy building my Amazon Kindle business.  I now have more than 30 non-fiction titles published under my own name (Lisa Oliver) and another six fiction titles under my pen name (Freya Rochelle).  But of course selling a book involves a lot more than just writing it and putting it up on Kindle.  To really see a boost in sales you need to consider some form of off-Amazon promotional work.  My newest efforts in this has been with video promotion.

The videos themselves are easy to make.  I currently use but I have been equally happy with the stand-by Powerpoint presentation and Camstasia video software.  I currently have three of my books with videos made for them – Dealing with ADHD in Adults, The Beginners Guide to Brewing Beer at Home and Demonic Muse (my first fiction book).  You can check out the videos below and don't forget to let me know what you think :)

In my next post I will let you in on a great little system for promoting the videos, which in turn promote the books.

Catch you soon


Dealing with ADHD in Adults

The Beginners Guide to Brewing Beer at Home

Demonic Muse

Looks like Kindle is Finally Smoking

A funny thing happened when I went to the beach yesterday.  I had felt a bit yuck because I had a doctor's appointment and I swear that makes me feel sick even when I walk in there healthy.  So when I got home hubby and I decided to take our ever energetic Ellie-pup for a run down the beach.  Just like always we went down with coffee cup in hand and spend a wonderful hour paddling through the surf with Ellie-pup chasing gulls and sticks and balls to her little heart's content.   It was a wonderful afternoon – I always find that the beach rejuvenates my energies when I am feeling low.

When I got home I immediately checked my emails – nothing happening there which is a good thing.  Then out of force of habit I went in and checked my Amazon Kindle account and I couldn't believe my eyes – I had made over 300 sales while I was down at the beach.  I was blown away because as you know it took me a year to make $100 through royalties on Kindle – how on earth could I have made 300 sales in a matter of hours? 



My first thought was that I had put the books (it was only two titles that had shot up in sales) on a freebie campaign and had forgotten about it.  When you enroll your Kindle books on KDP Select you are allowed up to 5 days worth of free promotion over a 90 day period.  What Amazon does is promote your book as a freebie for a number of days that you nominate.  While you might think that it is not a good idea to give your book away even for a few days, what this does is it increases the ranking of your books, because the freebie sales are still considered "sales" for ranking purposes.  I had been experimenting with this feature for about a month one different books.  As you can see from the picture above the Fighting Fish book and the Out on the Road Again book has made a few actual sales (about 30 between the two) but the bulk of the "sales" on there are freebies.

Guess what – I wasn't running any promotions – the Garage Sales 101 (that went up by more than 300 copies) and the Letters to a Battered Woman: Letting go of the Why (went up by 91 copies) were actual bone fide sales and when I worked out my royalty payments that worked out to more than $900!!!!  In one day!!! That was my cue for victory dance – yay!   There was only one teeny, tiny little fly in my ointment – my husband checked his Kindle account and he had sold over 800 copies of his barbecue recipe book – and he doesn't consider himself a writer – I could have slapped him except I was so thrilled about the results.  His net profit by the way – more than $1500 – in one afternoon.

Will we get these sorts of sales every day; no of course not.  But the more sales you have the higher ranking your Kindle books get.  The higher your book ranks on the Kindle site, (especially for specific genres and categories) the more likely you are to get organic (free) traffic and sales from the Amazon search function.  The other thing to consider is that this is not instant income – although it is safe money.  Amazon payout once a month and you get your check or bank transfer within 60 days of the conclusion of the month your sales were made.  But if you start getting a system set up now where you are getting the sales on a semi-regular basis you will soon be able to count on those Amazon checks as a monthly income stream.  The other great thing about being a Kindle author is that you can scale this system up as much as you like.  Finally you don't have to be a good writer – if you can write an email or a shopping list you can honestly write your own Kindle books.

In the course I run on Kindle, The Kiwi Kindle Guide you can learn how to have this same sort of success for yourself.  This is not a get rich quick program, it is a solid business model that you can implement part or full time and it will only cost you $20 per week.  Not only will you learn:

  • How to choose topics that buyers are looking for
  • How to format your Kindle book for maximum success
  • The whole gist on uploading and publishing your Kindle title (includes videos of me actually doing this step by step
  • How to stimulate sales and increase your ranking on Amazon

But For a Limited Time Only I am offering the first 20 students who sign up for this course this month (February) the opportunity to have their book proof read and edited before publication – a professional service value worth $499!!

To start your own Kindle career email me at with "Kiwi Kindle Guide" in the subject line and I will let you know how you can get started. 

Update on Squidoo Niche Blaster

Although I have been pretty quiet on the blog front, I have been really busy working towards setting up a residual income from Squidoo and Kindle.  If you recall from earlier posts I have been working through Squidoo Niche Blaster, a product by Erica Stone, and I have been trying to make money from Kindle for more than a year.

The Squidoo Niche Blaster genuinely is a great product, but it is time consuming to implement.  Erica's step by step guide explains how to find niches and then how to use Amazon products to make up the bulk of a Squidoo lens ("Squidoo speak" for a page).  The package also comes with html code that can be modified to cater to any niche.  Now before you go thinking that you don't know anything about html code, well neither do I.  But what Erica has done is provide capitalized instructions within the code about what to put and where.  She also has included a number of videos that offer further instruction on the more technical stuff.  Overall her instructions are clearly laid out in a step by step manner and it honestly is crystal clear.

My only complaint, and it isn't a complaint really is that I found the process time consuming.  I want to do a set of these and feel that once I do get into the rhythm of it then this would be a fun and easy thing to do.  Another huge positive aspect of this program and Erica herself is that when I emailed her with a question about Squidoo lens rankings she answered me personally within 24 hours – now that level of service is not often seen on the web and Erica herself seems to be a really friendly and helpful person.

You can check out my master page (I have yet to build sub pages) on Squidoo at  I will let you know what sort of results I get from this as I get the system fully working.   I am not the in habit of posting affiliate links to products that I recommend because I think you should make up your own mind about buying a product or not, but I do think that at less than $20 (current at time of writing) it wouldn't hurt for you to go and look at it, if you have the time to set up a solid recurring income business model.  You can find the sales page for Squidoo Niche Blaster here.

I have also been having some really positive results from Kindle, surprise, surprise and I will cover this in my next post.

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